Aiming to make Alzheimer’s a distant memory

Let’s not beat about the bush – Alzheimer’s disease is a real bitch. The most common form of dementia, accounting for over 60% of dementia cases in the elderly, it’s estimated to affect more than 1 in 40 people over the age of 70. The symptoms are notorious – problems with memory, bouts of confusion, loss of liguistic skills, mood changes – and these changes can completely affect a sufferer’s personality or sense of self. It’s no wonder, then, that Alzheimer’s disease has such emotional connotations for so many people.

Alzheimer’s is currently a disease with no known cure. The latest drugs can, at best, temporarily halt the march of dementia in a certain subset of patients. After my granddad was diagnosed with probable Alzheimer’s, I began to wonder why this was the case.

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